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Are you looking for a sleek way to accessorize your look and feel like a tech wizard at the same time? smart watch is here to save the day!

Smartwatches are like the little brothers of smartphones. It is capable of showing incoming calls, notifications, texting calling, playing media, and of course, showing time. There are also other variants like an active smartwatch, which also functions as a fitness pal that shows you data like your heartbeat, calories burned, or the distance you have run.

Most people tend to associate a great smart watch with brands like Samsung and Apple. The best doesn't necessarily mean it's the most expensive. You can definitely buy a cheap smart watch that enhances both your looks and your tech lifestyle


Check out our excellent list of the best cheap smart watch you can buy in 2020


 1.Dév C14 Touch screen

If you're looking for a multifunctional, cheap smartwatch, then look no further. The Dév C14 is our flagship smart watch and our most popular product. It comes in a low-cost, no-frills sports watch design and a decent battery life. Equipped with a plethora of features and a reasonable price tag, this cheap smartwatch is leading in the competition of an affordable smart watch

Best of all, The Dév C14 has preloaded fitness tracking and monitoring, including steps, mileage, and sedentary reminders - with a great battery life to keep it going for 15 days in standby mode.

Add a sim card to use it as a phone, or make calls via skype. There's almost nothing this savvy device can't achieve when it's in your arm. Definitely a great smart watch with fancy features

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Why we love it: The dev c14 is almost at the level of the famous smart watch brand, with its features and specs. A culmination of efforts to make an affordable smart watch that doesn’t burn your pocket.

Writers rating: 9.5/10


2. Dév X6


If you like fashion, then you need the Dév X6 to accompany your style. It is hands down our most fashionable cheap smartwatch to date. Adorned with a minimalist look and an elegant finish, it is the best affordable smartwatch for the tech-savvy person that doesn't want to compromise their outfit.

Packed with smart features that are discreet and unassuming, the X6 makes it possible to wear something beautiful that is also incredibly smart. It's the perfect technology and style blend.


Why we love it: It’s one of the most affordable smartwatches out here while also being the most stylish. With a price tag of 99$, this is the best bang for the buck when it comes to affordable smartwatches

Writers rating: 8.5/10


3. Martian Watches Notifier Smartwatch

(Photo credit : Amazon)


A multifunctional smartwatch that also has some of the best cheap fitness trackers. On a quick look, this attractive timepiece masks itself as a regular watch, great for people who don't want to be all fancy looking and want to keep their gadgets and style low-key.

An affordable choice that is also capable of being a phone camera remote control, enabling you to take photos hands-free, and tap the glass function that recalls notifications. This cheaper option is a great companion for everyone.

Why we love it: One of the cheapest devices out there that has multifunctionality built-in. Being a hybrid smartwatch, it's perfect for people who are conservative in showing off their gadgets: a very affordable alternative and hands down a great watch.

Writers rating: 9.0/10


4. Willful SW08 Bluetooth Smartwatch 

       (Photo credit : Amazon)

Although most smart timepieces out there are excellent in quality when you think of their prices. There still is something missing that most premiums smartwatches have, Being waterproof. 

Comes the Willful SW08. A durable and waterproof good looking piece. It's an Active smartwatch that boasts an IP68 rating, meaning it can work when you are washing your hands, taking a shower, swimming, or even dicing underwater. With its reasonable price, it boasts an enhanced and durable design which the scratch-proof LCD screen rests upon. With decent battery life, thanks to it's 360mah large lithium-polymer battery, you'll never have to worry about charging this smartwatch from day to day!

The best android wears you can purchase for those with the most active lifestyle. An excellent smartwatch for people who loves traveling and going an adventure in nature. Pair it with your wireless headphones for multimedia-riched biking, hiking, or even a jogging session

Why we love it: If you're not picky when it comes to the looks and style of your cheap smartwatch, and you prefer functionality over aesthetics, this is definitely the best affordable smartwatch you can find on the market currently. It's durable, and it fits the best budget for affordable alternative android wear.

Writers rating: 8.0/10


5.Amazfit Bip Smartwatch by Huami

(Photo credit : Amazon)

When you ask most people why they don't bother purchasing a smartwatch regardless of the price, most of them will answer that it's because of its looks. Android wear usually looks bulky and unattractive, and even if there are some stylish ones, there are some downsides like sacrificing durability. But not this cheap smartwatch by Huami.

The Amazfit Bip Smartwatch is the complete polar opposite of the Willful SW08. It's one of the cooler smart timepieces that boasts its affinity with fitness apps and features. While it doesn't have the Ip68 rating of the Willful, it is still equipped with an array of smart features for fitness like distance traveled, strides, calories burned, etc.

This smart watch also comes on in the lower price point of affordable smartwatches. Having a similar price point with the Willful, it can be the go-to android wear for outdoor-active people that don't mind sacrificing some durability for style. Even if you can't take this watch underwater, it still is very well built and has features like seat resistance and dust resistance.

Why we love it: A Great smartwatch for people who has an active lifestyle, but still prefer having a sleek look with their watches. Even with its limited durability, it still is a great companion in the outdoors.

Writer’s rating: 7.5/10

Essential Factors To Consider for smartwatches


Even if others don't admit it, a smartwatch is still, well, a watch. It still is an accessory that is part of your overall look. So better ask yourself, Am I looking for a day to day usage, or am I looking for a fitness partner that can help me with my workouts. Overall the way your watch presents itself must suit your personality. It should be worn for both functionality and attractiveness.


Most people will choose aesthetics over sustainability, but that doesn't mean that you need to sacrifice your smartwatch's overall craftsmanship. One crucial factor to always look for in a smartwatch is how well built it is and how long it will last. A beautiful looking smartwatch that's broken two months in is, well, worthless.


Does it provide ease? Does it help me with my day to day activities? Is there a variety of features? Essential questions to ask when choosing what type of smartwatch you want to buy. It should be simple enough that you can navigate and quickly locate functions that suit your needs. It should have a clean and precise user interface. Depending on what you want out of your smartwatch, how you use it is up to you, but at least it should come with the bare minimum features that you need from it.

Operating System

Many people forget that not all smartwatches function for all types of phones. For example, if you have an iPhone, it is evident that an Apple watch is the goto smartwatch. On the other handphones like Samsung and LG or most android phones contains OS android wears or Wear OS smartwatch. It is a best practice always to double-check if the os of the smartphone you're buying is compatible with your smartphone or whatever device you're planning to pair it to.


Overall, smartwatches are designed to be a companion that provides data to you as fast as possible. It is indeed a great accessory to have, but that doesn't mean that it should burn a hole through your savings. Always consider how much your budget is for an affordable smartwatch, and how you're going to use it. 

Whether you prioritize Fashion, durability, functionality, or all of them, there is a smartwatch out there that suits your needs and personality.

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