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People used to call me old fashioned before because I have never been a believer in smartwatches.

Back then, I viewed them as partly an aesthetic complement. Don’t get me wrong; I have always been a big, techy nerd, it’s just that I loved the stylish analog watch rather than those chunky smartwatches.

But now, practicality is a higher need than aesthetics when it comes to the modern age. In today’s blog, we’ll show you something that will satisfy your appetite for style, and at the same time quench your thirst for technology.

What are these “hybrid” smartwatches anyway?

You must’ve stumbled upon our blog because you’re looking for the best smartwatch available out there, yet you are hesitating because you prefer the looks of a traditional analog watch.

You’re in great luck. With recent innovations on smartwatch designs, the “hybrid smart watch” was born. This type of device combines the smart functions of a smartwatch and the stylish watch designs of a handsome analog watch.

These devices look likes something a class business person would wear but still has the basic smartwatch features of a watch that James Bond would be proud of.

Today we review some of the most excellent smartwatches that incorporate a hybrid design and put together a ranking list according to what they offer, how much each one is, and how well they work with your phone while maintaining the classic look.

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5. The Fossil Q Commuter Hybrid Smartwatch

( Image credit : Amazon )

➕A very “clean” design

➕Long battery life

➖Some features are very basic

➖Notifications are on “vibrate mode” setting

Fossil has been a long time player when it comes to analog watches — being one of the pioneer watch brands. In 2016 they entered the "smart" market and, over the years, became a "Hybrid Manufacturer" and have produced over 50 hybrid smartwatch designs to date.

One of their entries is the Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch Q Commuter edition. A classic professional look accompanied by a wide array of smart features. This particular hybrid smartwatch doesn’t have any mini-screens like other hybrid smartwatches, but it still can be paired with a smartphone.

This specific variation of the Fossil smartwaches comes with a pre-loaded coin battery like an analog watch, so a rechargeable battery is out of the question. According to some users, the battery will last you close to 12 months or a year. Synching the watch with your android or iOS device is quite easy. Just download the "Fossil Q" App and register. Then follow the prompts to pair them.

The time on the analog hands of this Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch syncs on the time you have on your phone, so there's no need to wind it up. It's a useful feature, especially when you travel a lot and changed timezones frequently as your watch will adjust to the difference as long as it's in sync with your phone.

It comes with three customizable buttons, each of which can be personalized and assigned to a different function of your phone. Some of the features include music playback control, a stopwatch mode, and a phone camera shutter.

The Fossil Men's Q Commuter watch is one of the most stylish smartwatches available. It's a great choice for the classy gentleman who wants to maintain a timeless look but is also in need of smartwatch features.

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4. Misfit Phase

( Image credit : Amazon )

➕Beautiful classic design

➕Phone controls Built-in


➖Confusing notification

➖Fitness tracking is subpar

Misfit is a company that usually focuses on fitness devices. Activity tracking is where they solidify their contributions to the smartwatch market.

The Phase is a different approach of misfit compared to some of their previous products. A hybrid device that sports a classic traditional timepiece isn’t something you usually see on a fitness tracker.

Most fitness-focused smartwatches are bland and boring when talking about the overall design, just look at Garmins and Fitbit's watches. But the phase is different. For the people looking at it outside, it.s just a regular elegant watch. Finished with a metal body and supported by a supple leather strap. Looking at its side are two buttons that protrude in a cleanly and subtly way and matches its looks.

Further bringing its A-game in the looks department, the Phase comes in six different colors and strap combinations. It’s a perfect idea since most people that buy hybrid watches prefer looks rather than functionality. Choose from black, white, blue, and gold combos.

Same with the Fossil Q commuter, this smartwatch doesn't have an LCD or touch screen panel. Instead, it is presented with a 41mm Classic watch face, that highlights it's the classic look and hides that smart features underneath.

One excellent option, though, is that it comes with a water resistance feature of up to 50 meters. It's quite odd that it comes with a leather strap, which is terrible if you used it for exercise activities or submerge it underwater, maybe because the Phase is targeted for women, who have smaller wrists in general.

A great choice for people who wants subtle fitness pal while maintaining a stylish look. The Phase is also available at a very affordable price.

Misfit also has a variant called the Misfit Command that is designed for better outdoor performance and longer battery life in exchange for less smart features.

3. Withing Steel HR Sport

( Image credit : Amazon )

➕Useful health applications

➕Button disguised as a crown for the tracker

➖Sub-par battery life

➖Expensive compared to its competitors

A little history, Withings was French heal tech company, Nokia then bought them and was transformed in the Nokia heal division back in 2016. Two years later, The founder of Withings, Eric Carreel, repurchased his company from Nokia. Since then, they launched several smartwatches and joined the hybrid smartwatch market.

The Withing Steel HR sport sports a hybrid design that features a heart rate monitor. As you may have noticed, the Steel HR  is accompanied by a tiny screen on the upper half of it's watch face. This LCD isn't touch screen enabled hough, but it has a fair share of useful applications like displaying phone notifications, and health data like your heartbeat rate. The second dial is responsible for keeping track of your daily step count goal, which you can set on the app.

This particular version boasts of a water-resistant feature of up to 50 meters. It also has a built-in rechargeable battery that can last for around 25 days.

One of the useful smartwatch features that his Hybrid Smar Watch has is the ability to measure your VO2 Max. It’s the measurement of the max amount of oxygen that you can use during an exercise. The Steel HR also features a smart mode that can keep track of around 30 different forms of exercise, as well as your sleep time.

It's worth noting for health-conscious people out there that this company offers another variant of the Withing Steel HR that has a built-in ECG function, the Withing Move ECG. This specific variant is the Best Smartwatch when it comes to heart monitoring. The watch measures the electrical activity of heart, and the data is sent to the Health Mate app for analysis and has a function that allows the watch to send a notification to your doctor if it detects signs of atrial fibrillation.

Overall the Steel HR Sport is a useful smartwatch for health-focused people who don't mind the additional screen on the classical timepiece. Music control, a heart rate monitor, and stress levels monitoring for your heart are all great to have in a single smartwatch that still maintains a professional look.

2. Kronaby Sekel

( Image credit : Amazon )

➕One of the most “Traditional” looking hybrids

➕Estimated to have 24 months of battery life

➖Expensive for a hybrid design

➖Very basic smartwatch features

Arguably the hybrid manufacturer that has the secrets down on how to elegantly hide the smartwatch features of a hybrid design. Kronaby Sekel is one of the most luxurious-looking smart analog hybrid watches you'll see. Thanks to the traditional looks of the Watch face, the steel straps, and buttons, that to the untrained eye looks like a mere conventional watch.

Underneath the hood of the Kronaby lies the hidden technology. First is a battery that is rumored to last you two years. A vibration motor that gives off signals in forms of vibrations that alerts you to new notifications from your smartphone. That technology also can be used as an alarm clock that will silently wake you up in the morning.

Some additional features are a stopwatch, a timer, and a smartphone camera remote. IFTTT, which is one of the essential smartwatch features, is supported by the Kronaby. IFTTT if a feature that allows other smart devices to communicate with each other. An example would be you could use the Kronaby to turn on your smart TV and other smart appliances.

The Kronaby is genuinely a durable watch that features one of the best hybrid designs and innovative functions, and it's a great choice for people who want to sport a classy look. One downside though, is that it can be quite expensive.

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  1. Garmin Vivomove 3s

➕Touch screen display

➕Great overall design and functions

➖Raise to wake function is a bit sloppy


Hybrid watches usually are the lower-end versions in the smartwatch market when it comes to smart applications. Most of them have small screen LCDs that don't have a touch screen feature. Not the Garmin Vivomove 3s though

This full smartwatch hybrid changed over the years. What was once a watch brand that masquerades as an analog timepiece, was turned into a new bloom hybrid that hides the smart features in the facade of its mechanical hands.

Garmin wearable products are known for a lot of things, but beautiful design isn't one of them. The Vivomove 3s revolutionizes and breaks this stereotype. It is presented in a classy and minimalist design, that as per user reviews, is very comfortable and lightweight when worn during physical activities.

The Vivo move 3s is the only watch in our lists that has a touch screen display. Unlike other hybrid watches that use the same tech, the Vivomove is very fluid and responsive to touch. There are no lags or incorrect showings, considering that this is a low-end touch screen.

While it doesn't support GPS for those who want to track their run cycle accurately, there are still a variety of excellent and useful apps. Presets for fitness-tracking between walks runs, cycles and workouts are included in the software.

The raise-to-wake function, though, is abit unoptimized. It works greats during physical activities but sometimes doesn't function on a typical twist of your wrist.

Undoubtedly the best hybrid smartwatch out there for those people looking for a great fusion of a classic timepiece and the smart features of a smartwatch.

Hybrid over Analogue or a full smartwatch

There you have it, our list of the best traditional smartwatches out there in the market.

The only thing to ponder upon is really what are the functions you are looking for in a smartwatch. Do you prefer Apps and features over style? Are you looking for a fitness buddy? Are you going to use it outdoors in your adventures?

The choice is up to you. One thing is for sure though; smartwatches are a great innovation and discovery. It helps you do and keep track of a lot of different activities. It's a great compliment to your smartphone, your tech style, and your lifestyle as well.

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