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Ever thought of wearing a watch that compliments your phone? Discouraged by how much big companies are charging for it? Fret not, as the DZ09 smartwatch is here.

DZ09 smartwatches are the "game-changer" right now in the smartwatch market. It's high quality but cheap, simple in design, yet elegant in its functions. Made with metallic finishes, They indeed are a beauty to behold. The customizable straps make it easy to fit anyone's wrist, showing off comfort and functionality at the same time. Everyone should always be ready to improvise and adapt in this ever-changing world, and using these smartwatches might be your very first step.

The DZ09 single sim smartwatch is one of the leading smartwatch brands that are Chinese made. Being cheaper and Chinese built doesn't mean they sacrificed quality.

Let's take a look at our detailed and unbiased review of the DZ09 Smartwatch Specifications.

Beautiful and Exceptional Smartwatches: DZ09 watches

The Dz09 has multiple variants and looks across all sellers and resellers. You'll immediately notice that they are all the same when talking about specifications, but are slightly different from each other when it comes to looks, which actually is a good thing since you can find precisely a design that matches your taste.

Most variants come as a rectangular type smartwatch. It is a watch phone all in one. At first glance, you'll immediately recognize the similarity with the Samsung Gear S2. It's no wonder why smartwatch fans are going crazy for this full standalone smartwatch. It is excellent in design and also an affordable watch phone.


The top is made with a high-class aluminum case mounted on a plastic body that gives it a very sleek and professional look.

The watch comes with a stock silicone strap, which is perfect for day to day use and wearable tech. It has a subtle yet elegant design physical button on the front (home button)

Please don't mistake this beaut as a shy device as it has a feature that lets it plays a sound alert when it's too far from the smartphone it's connected to. The sound is quite loud, which ensures that you never miss a text or call.

The Best Standalone Smartwatch Under the Microscope

Equipped with a touchscreen display of 240x220 pixels, a 0.3-megapixel front-facing camera, and an SD card slot expandable up to 32 GB, this is the right smartwatch for tech-savvy individuals who want to add a whole new dynamic to their lifestyles. Not just that, the DZ09 watches also comes with a pedometer and a full array of other fitness features for those who live an active lifestyle.


  • 1.56” LCD Touchscreen (240 x 220 pixels)
  • GSM sim card (850/900/1800/1900)
  • MediaTek 6260A 533MHz chipset
  • Pedometer and sleep monitor
  • Camera 3.0MP, Bluetooth 3.0, Tracking feature
  • Supports external memory card up to 32GB





Case Dimensions

58.5 mm x 39.5mm x12.3mm


Stainless Steel

Strap Material

Silicone or Rubber

Strap/Band Size



60g (0.0510 kg)

IP Rating


Water Resistance



Black, Brown(gold).Bronze, White



The MediaTek 6260A chipset is quite small yet packed with processing power. Adorned with a 1.56" LCD touchscreen display, you will be surprised by how this smartwatch is only retailed at 9-14$.

It, of course, comes with Bluetooth capabilities as most gadgets nowadays which means that it can connect to most of the toys you have like wireless speakers and headphones.

These watches are compatible with any Android 4.3+ smartphone. You can also pair them with ios devices but is limited on some aspects like synching messages or enabling push notifications

Having an expandable memory slot of up to 32 GB lets, you use the DZ09 smartwatch as an "on the go" media storage unit. Storing photos, videos, music has never been so practical. Afraid of dropping your phone while jogging? Use the DZ09 smartwatch as the source of your pumping music and keep track of the miles you have run at the same time.

Why do I need a smartwatch with a sim?

The general idea of the first generations of a connected smartwatch back in the day is to be an extension of the smartphone they are paired with. Being equipped with smartphone sync functionality, they were generally used to gather and present data to you immediately. In today's standards, wearable tech is adopting and being developed as a stand-alone gadget. Being equipped with a GSM sim card slot and having both GSM sim card support and GSM micro sim card support, smartwatches like the DZ09 by today's standards are basically wearable phones.

The SIM card, in any device that is capable, connects to a carrier's network using data that is unique to a specific user. It's basically like a storage chip that has your info like your phone number that enables connectivity. The most common type of sim card is nano sims..

So, should my smartwatch sim have its own mobile carrier plan?

The answer, it depends on what you are going to use it for. Most recommendations are a necessary talk and text plan, which is quite cheap. Yes, it's an additional monthly fee. Still, the practicality of making a call or text in emergency cases or when you left your phone somewhere is a privilege that only these types of smartwatches can give you.

I'm not entirely sold, Should I Buy a DZ09 smartwatch?

Yes! Aside from the sleek design and innovative features, the main selling point of a DZ09 smartwatch is that it costs next to nothing! Compare it to the famous smartwatch brands like Apple and Samsung, It really is an excellent bang for the buck

Most of these watches though are limited when it comes to camera functionality. If you're looking to shoot photos, you are better off using your phone anyways. But in terms of quality of life and answering phone calls or texting without the need to look for your phone, then a Bluetooth smartwatch DZ09 could be the answer to your problems!


Overall this can be the right choice if you are the type of person that requires a decent smartwatch assistant and doesn't want to burn your hard-earned money on a small wearable product. You can really use this as a substitute for most big brands out there. You are getting good value at a meager price. Aside from a smartphone assistant, you can even use some of these watches as a pedometer to track your footsteps, check the distance you walk, and even your calorie consumption. A very decent product at a low price. One thing to keep in mind, though, is that you should use it with care and caution, as most watch phones at this price are a bit delicate.

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