Tactical Smartwatch - An Overview

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Your Outdoor Buddy: The Tactical Smartwatch

Are you going on an adventure? Swimming in the sea? Exploring the wildlands and trekking the mountains? This Tactical smartwatch is the only thing you need!

Over the times, the man had different tools to bring with them out in the wild as staple equipment. It might be a stone hammer in the stone age, a sword in the medieval period, or a swiss knife around the early '90s. But in this modern age of time, there is one innovation that is continuously evolving to be the contemporary tool and partner for the outdoors, The tactical smartwatch. This type of durable smartwatch, are made to endure those harsh wraths of mother nature. Equipped with tactical features for the tactical enthusiast, they surely are the perfect smartwatch for people who loves the wild.

Why should I consider getting a tactical smartwatch instead of a regular durable watch?

Smartwatches are the modern pivotal tools of humans. It is an excellent android wear for people who loves going outdoors and doing physical activities.

You should highly consider getting a tactical smartwatch over a regular one if


  • You always find your self needing tactical data such as distance ran, environmental temperature, heartbeat monitor, etc.
  • Classic timepieces have two types, quartz and mechanical, and, as you probably know, are extremely prone to damages from slight bumps. That's why tactical watches usually have smart movements, which mimics a regular watch.
  • A fresh design that you can personalize. You can customize the UI or how your watch looks with smartwatches to fit your overall look and personality.


Ready to make the switch from a traditional watch? Check out our collection of smartwatches and find the one that suits you!

Today we compile some of the best tactical smartwatches out in the market.

1. Dév S4                                                                      

The Dév S4 Tactical smartwatch is one of our most beautiful looking products to date. This durable smartwatch is combining military standard durability and superb functionality.

Built with a 1.39" AMOLED touch-screen display, mounted on a stainless steel frame, this tactical edition smartwatch combines elegance and tactical functionality. Under the hood is an MTK 6572 chipset, one of the smallest and most powerful CPU's on the market for a smartwatch.

Are you jumping in the pool or diving under the sea to explore? No problem! The Dév S4 prides itself as one of the most waterproof smartwatches in our lineup. This robust smartwatch can endure anything from an accidental splash of water to being submerged into the 

Instantly capture the crucial moments of your outdoor adventure with its built-in 5.0 MP HD camera. You'll never miss anything!

Some useful features of this tactical edition smartwatch are Gps navigation, a compass, altitude meter, thermometer, air pressure readings, and the capability to download apps.

Overall the dev s4 is a rugged watch with a mesmerizing finish — an excellent choice for tactical enthusiast that are looking for a great affordable smartwatch.

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Why we love it: Why we love it: The dev s4 is what we say "a beast of beauty" it is very durable, has a lot of functions, but retains its elegant look, to suit your looks from day to day usage.

Why others love it: Generally, a pretty good smartwatch. It has a lot of features. HR and steps counter is accurate. I compared it to mi Band 1s, a very subtle difference. Sleep tracking is also a nice feature to have. You can install anything you want and even root the watch to get even better battery life, which is beautiful in stock if you don't use Wi-Fi and don't regularly keep the screen on. The customer service is amiable, kind, and responsive. PACKAGE ARRIVED WITHIN 7 DAYS!!! VERY FAST DELIVERY. If you have any problems, customer service will always help you.

Darin Antoniewicz-Verified Buyer



2.Tactical Smartwatch V4

The Tactical Smartwatch v4 is here. Made of stainless settle frame and protected by a corning gorilla glass 4, this rugged smartwatch is resistant to impact. Whether you are doing physical activities or doing extreme sports, rest assured that not a single scratch is to be seen.

Most military standard smartwatches are easily recognizable. Unlike regular ones which are sensitive and prone to damages from impacts, these durable smartwatches are designed to accompany their uses in the most extreme environments.

This smartwatch mostly has all of the other features of tactical watches, but it boasts an IP 67 rating meaning it’s waterproof, dustproof, and shockproof. 

When you are looking for a durable smartwatch that fits the military standard, you can expect this android wear to step up to the challenge. It’s one of the reasons that this is one of the most picked smartwatch lines in the market, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that this only for the tactical enthusiasts out there. It’s also for people who love durability in their gadgets above all else.

What we love: The Tactical V4 is one of the most convenient devices under the tactical watch category. The tactical quality of the watch is easily felt. Aside from being a durable smartwatch, it also has an array of different useful features for both everyday activities and extreme ones.

Why others love it: The watch its self is pretty low profile, looks good, feels good, and stays in place when moving around. You can set alarms and notify you when you receive calls or messages if your phone Bluetooth is on and connected

-A Verified Buyer on Amazon


  1.  Garmin Fenix 6


For quite some time, Garmin has garnered the reputation of being one of the best-rugged smartwatches in the market, that is, if you don't mind spending a few hundred dollars. 

With Garmin Bringing in the new Fenix 6 outdoor smartwatch. A significant improvement from the previous Fenix 5 version, which quite frankly shows in the price tag.

Looking at the new Fenix 6, you'll immediately notice its relatively large body, which is made from fiber-reinforced polymer accompanied with a metal cover. On the side, the bezel rests, which is stainless steel. It is worth to note that or people who like to indulge in expensive things. The Fenix 6 offers an additional option to upgrade to a more premium version (diamond-like carbon-coated titanium).

One question remains, though, for a tactical watch that is intended to suffer through the harses environments, is it worth it to buy one at this price point? The base model is priced at 599$ SRP

Are you looking for smartwatches under 200$? Take a look at our well built and affordable smartwatches


What we love: The Fenix 6x is a top of the line watch, which doesn’t sacrifice durability for elegance. If you have the budget for it and don’t mind the hefty price tag, then this watch is undoubtedly for you!

Why others love it: I have had many Garmin devices over the year, this is my 4th watch from Garmin, and by far the best. The battery life is impressive, and the features you get are by far, not always necessary but very useful. The measure of your O2 in your blood has shown some excellent benefits, but not the reason I bought it. The only downfall is that the screen isn't a touch screen, but getting used to the controls isn't a difficult feat. The watch is comfortable to wear and very accurate in the heart rate monitoring.

-Dirk Diesel, verified Amazon buyer


Who needs a tactical smartwatch anyways?

Extreme sportspeople, high altitude athletes, pilots, hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, generally anyone who loves living on the edge and pushes the boundaries of life should have an outdoor smartwatch on their wrist. These rugged smartwatches are made to stand up to extreme conditions, survive excessive abuse, and keep perfect time even when the power is out. When you're hiking, camping, or training away from civilization, Smartwatch will be a reliable tool, one that's as useful as a good knife or a durable pair of boots.

If you're not convinced with a getting a durable one and prefer style and function, you can check out our most stylish and classic designs here!


Tactical smartwatch: The Checklist

Not sold on Durable smart watches? Check out our lists for the most stylish one

Essential Factors to Consider when getting a Tactical Smartwatch


What’s the use of a tactical watch if it’s not built with durability in mind? The first thing you must consider is the overall capacity for how the device will last. Fond of doing water activities? Is the watch waterproof?. Doing extreme sports like off-road racing. Is it dustproof?. These are some factors to think of when checking the durability of Android wear that you’re planning to get.


Outdoor Capabilities

One thing to double-check is what features an outdoor smartwatch has that you

will actually use in your activities. A smartwatch packed with features you don’t use is a worthless one. Always make sure that the device can aid you in the things you love. Always running? Check if it has a pedometer and a distance run tracker. Love sailing or going out in the water? Check if it can report the weather or forecast whether it’s a low or high tide.



No matter how great a tactical smartwatch is, it's pointless if it burns a hole in your pocket. Always consider the budget that you will be allotting for a smartwatch, as most of them are very similar in features, and it's mostly a matter of branding and extra durability that varies the price. If you're on a tight budget but still want to purchase a smartwatch, you can check out our review of the cheapest smartwatches here.


The Final Verdict

Right now there are a lot of good tactical watches out there that you can choose from, what matters is on what aspect or factor you're more inclined with, want a watch with full features and durability at a fair price? Get the dev s4. Looking for a the best-rugged smartwatch but also want a premium feel for it? Then the Garm Fenix 6x is best.

At the end of the day, no one can decide for you, It might take a while to consider what the best choice is for you, but you'll get there. Just be sure to keep the factors we mentioned in mind so that you can get the best bang for your buck.

Smartwatches are relatively new to the world of timepieces. It's considerably alright if most products don't suit you. Technology moves forward every day. Chances are the right tactical smartwatch that is already being developed for your needs. Whether you're a Pilot, a Soldier, an extreme sports enthusiast, or just a regular gym buff, smartwatches with the perfect features that matches your personality is out there. So level up! Smartwatch up! 


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