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A classic watch has always been an accessory for men to emphasize style, professionalism, and masculinity. Rough exteriors, metallic frames, Big oval casings, these usually are some of the most sought after looks when it comes to choosing the manliest watches.

Today in our blog, we listed some best smartwatches for men that would bring out the beast in you.

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A glance at the best selling smartwatch and what we love about them.

The Top 5 Overall

Overall ValueDév S4

Toughness: Casio WSD-F20A

Classic: Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

Fitness Buddy: Garmin Fenix 5X

Best for iOS: Apple Watch Series 4

*Not exactly sure if should link the other to their Amazon listings, or the official sites. Since they are competitors in my perspective, maybe link to reviews of other sites?

As you can see there are a lot of choices, most of which are quite expensive. Choosing a smartwatch for men is not just about the looks, it’s also the purpose of why you’re getting one. Love extreme sports? Go for high-end smartwatches that boast toughness and durability. Want to be technologically inclined, but also maintain the classic look of a watch? Get a hybrid watch. In this article, we will help you decide what type of smartwatch best suits your personality and manliness. Hang on tight! As we will guide you on the top choice for men’s smartwatches

5.Casio WSD-F20A: The Hercules of Smartwatches

The Casio WSD F20A is one fierce beast in the market of high-end smartwatches. It's a smartwatch made for all you severe Indiana Jones wanna-be's out there. Equipped with a military-grade 810G shock resistance, You'll most likely scratch yourself exploring in the woods with the Casio WSD-F20A laughing at you. This bad boy is water-resistant up to 50 meters and packed with a lot of useful features. See that Tool button on the upper right of the picture? Press that, and you'' easily have access to an array of essential outdoor tools lie a compass, altimeter, barometer, and many more.

A mixture of Engineering grade aluminum and plastic makes up its case, giving the Casio the ability to be durable and shock-resistant. A significant component considering the prospective buyers will bombard this watch with the harshes forces of nature as their travel buddies.

The rugged and chunky look of this herculean smartwatch is best for guys who like going outdoors, going hiking, swimming, or is always of the grid. Even though this watch is targeted for a specific niche, it still is a great companion for day to day activities. It sure is a great watch for men, especially that it's designed is oozing out testosterone.

Best for men who:

♂Loves the outdoors

♂Nature lovers

♂Physically Active


4. Apple watch series 4: The “fruit” of the ecosystem


Apple always makes it a point that any device they released is better off with an accessory of its own making. That's why if you're rocking those new iPhone 11's, this watch is an excellent complement to its functions.

The Apple watch series 4 has two variants a 40mm and a 44m. The larger option has a better and larger display. This watch comes in 3 colors for its aluminum frame finishes - gold, silver, and space gray. The smaller variant will set you back by 399$ while the bigger brother will cost you 499$

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One of the Apple watch series 4’s unique feature is its ability to take an ECG or electrocardiogram. It’s a test that gauges your greats electrical pulses to analyze them and provide you with an overview of your heart’s overall health.

For most of the features, the series 4 is actually quite similar to its predecessors. One key difference is that series 4 has this useful feature that gives it the ability to provide haptic feedback. It's a slight vibration when you navigate through the interface to provide you with a beautiful responsive feeling. An upgrade was also made on both the built-in microphone and speakers. Hopefully, this will Improve phone calls to make it clearer.

If you don't mind the hefty price tag and unisex look, the apple watch series 4 brings a whole new dynamics for those of you who love the Apple ecosystem. It's packed with a lot of smart features that you simply can't find on other high-end smartwatches if you're using an iPhone.

Best for men who:

♂Loves the Apple ecosystem

♂Uses a lot of apps and features

♂Wants to bring the best out of their iPhones


3. Garmin Fenix 5X Sapphire: Your Fitness Buddy


Do you know that guy in the gym who always coaches you out on lifting even if you didn’t ask? Well, the Garmin Fenix 5X is the embodiment of those guys.

Let’s see why.

This great fitness-focused smartwatch has some serious physical metrics that are built into it. It can track and differentiate most of the physical activities, like running, cycling, or swimming. This premium smartwatch also has support for triathlon tracking. It even has variations for extreme sports like skydiving, mountain climbing, though it's odd that a preset for diving is not present even though the 5X has a water resistance of up to 100 meters.

For the overall looks, sure it's not as tough look as, say, the Casio WSD-F20A. Still, this bad boy can also withstand all sorts of harsh conditions, built with a body made of steel and fiber-reinforced plastic. It's build quality give off a sense of reliability the watch can survive the wild outdoors. Looking at the interface you'll immediately notice that it is covered with a sapphire crystal, hence 5X Sapphire, that protects it from all sorts of bumps and scratches

With multiple sensors like GPS, heart rate monitor, gyroscope, and a compass, to name a few. This smartwatch is best for guys who can sacrifice some durability for overall sports performance and looks. A real top-end watch with advanced features for fitness.

Best for men who:

♂Loves Physical activities

♂Always on the go

♂Wants a useful companion for sports


2. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier: The Professional

Imagine you're a businessman, and aa prospective client called you while driving, but your phone is inside your bag, and you can't reach it without taking your eyes off the road. The call dropped, and now you lost that opportunity — this where the Samsung gear S3 frontier comes in.

This Premium smartwatch is for the professionals out there, guys who are always busy checking out data, talking to people on their phone. It’s a personal assistant of some sort. 

The classic look combined with a premium feel. Don't expect this to be as tough or durable as the first watches we reviewed, but this bad boy will surely give you an elegant and stylish look. Not to mention a whole array of smart features that will aid you in tackling those challenging days in the money-making business.

It's built-in Samsung pay, let's you use your money, even without your phone or wallet. A great convenience for people who always have limited time and wants to do things as fast as possible.

With the Samsung Gear s3 frontier, you'll never miss any reminder, and you can even set it up to remind you to hydrate. And di I mention that this little beast reaches it's full potential if you have a lot of "smart" Samsung appliances in your home? Smart fridge, microwave, TVs, all of those can be controlled with your Samsung gear as the showrunner.

The Samsung Gear S3 is the best smartwatch for young professionals and seasoned business people. It can help you manage your time, especially in a busy corporate world.

Best for men who:

♂Wants to micromanage of their time

♂Young professionals

♂Wants a personal assistant in the form of a smart device


Hang in there! The best smartwatch for men is about to be revealed!

1. Dév S4: The “watch” next door

Remember those RomCom movies, where the heroine always realizes in the end that love has been beside her all along. That is what the Dév S4 is.

Sure, you might not have heard about the Dév S4 before, but surely after this article, you will realize that the best smartwatches aren’t the famous ones.

At first glance, the Dév S4 looks precisely what you want it to look, classy, sporty, minimalistic. Built with a concept to be the all-rounder premium smartwatch, this hybrid watch is packed with a ton of features and also supports smart notifications from your phone.

Want to snap a photo of a relevant event and quickly share it online? The Dév S4 has a built-in 5.0 MP HD camera because this extra-special moment won't wait for your phone.

With an MTK65772 chipset powering this device,  it feels quick and responsive.other great features include Accurate GPS navigation, a compass, an altitude meter, thermometer, and air pressure readings, to name a few. Customization? The Dév S4 support apps that you like. It also has a pedometer, sleep, and heart monitoring for those individuals who have their sight on some fitness goals.

This latest smartwatch from our collection supports both android and ios devices. It easily links to the Wi-Fi connection and lets you browse the internet everywhere.

The Dév S4 combines most of the best features of the best selling smartwatch out there. Sure, it definitely needs to prove itself in this highly competitive market. But you won’t know how amazing it is until you have tried it. 

The Dév S4  is on a special promotion right now. More details here!

Best for men who:

♂Loves a great deal

♂Prefers value over brand

♂Wants tons of features without spending too much


Useful features to look out for men’s smartwatch.

Customizable Look

What's the one option that men like us always want in a device? Customizability. The ability to show off your passion for the things that you love or redesign the looks of our gadgets that fits our overall style. Most of the smartwatches today can customize both the user interface and the physical aspects of the smartwatch, like the silicone straps. Some even let you replace it with a metallic strap for a cleaner and sophisticated look.


Nothing else ticks you off more than a device that breaks easily, What's the use of a cheap smartwatch if a single bump rattles it's internals and doesn't function anymore. The sustainability and longevity of your watch is an essential aspect for men, especially those who are going to use it for sport or outdoor activities.


Okay, so you have a beautiful and durable smartwatch in your hands, but what's the use of it if the only function it has is to show you text and the time?

You should always keep in mind that buying smartwatches is like buying a car. Saving a few dollars is not worth it if the card doesn’t have the features you need, like airbags, touch screen display, etc.

Always think of the lifestyle you have, and how a smartwatch would help you. As with all purchases of gadgets, no matter how affordable it is, if it doesn’t help you in any way, it’s basically a waste of money.

Final words

No matter what sort of person you are, there sure is a smartwatch out there for you. With hundreds of manufacturers joining in the market, making the best smartwatches a necessity rather than a luxury.

We hope our list and guide helped you in choosing what type of smartwatch you want. If you're interested in dwelling deeper on the benefits of smartwatches, check out our blog about the benefits of owning one. As always, timepieces are the past, and smartwatches are the future!

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