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Best smartwatch for texting in 2020!

The process of which we humans communicate is an essential part of our lives. Before, we were used to writing out a letter with our ballpoint pens, send it out, and wait days or weeks for it to arrive at its destination. Then came the Technological revolution of the 21st century. Text messaging


Text messaging was instantaneous and provided us with a breakthrough in terms of communication. It allowed us to connect with others in real-time around the world. Smartphones became readily available and allowed us to be chat with our friends and family over the internet, with social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat. It has become a modern-day norm, whether your old or young. Having a smart device made our lives easier.


Joining the lineup of smart devices are smartwatches. These tools have a vast array of intelligent features that functions much like a smartphone. Newer releases of smartwatch technology incorporated the SMS function into their devices. Sure this is not what hybrid smartwatches are designed for, but it's a great relief to know hat you have that option on your smartwatch.


Today we compiled some of the best Wear OS smartwatch that has useful apps and text messaging integrated on them.


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 Motorola Moto 360 3rd Gen:  Overall best for Texting

 Samsung Gear Sport Smartwatch: The Android Champ

 Apple Smartwatch Series 3: The Apple Ecosystem

  AllCall W1: The Swimmer         

  Dév L2: Best Overall Value

2. Motorola Moto 360 3rd gen

There was a time back in the early 2000s that having a Motorola Razr phone instantly classified you as “cool.” Sadly, when the time of smartphones came, with giants like Apple and Samsung leading the way, Motorolla flip phones became obsolete. This is where they started focusing on other products like their stylish, capable smartwatch.


At first glance, you'll notice that the Motorola 360 look's like a traditional watch. Or basically what we refer to as a hybrid watch — combining both the elegance and beauty of a classic conventional watch and the useful apps and smart features of smartwatch tech


This handy standalone smartwatch supports a wide variety of text messaging applications like hangouts. Pair it with your Google device such as the Pixel smartphone line, and a text message will appear as some sort of card which you need to swipe to reply to. Here comes the fun part. The Motorola Moto 360 boasts it's highly accurate and definitive voice recognition ability for text message responses, Giving you the ability to talk to your watch and send over text-based messages to your friend and family. James Bond would be so proud.


Let's take a peek under the hood. Powering this hybrid watch is Qualcomm's Snapdragon 3100 processor, supported by 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage. Smartwatch functions like heart rate monitor, GPS, and NFC for mobile payments are included as well.


Encased in a stainless steel finish that you can get in 3 colors, Silver, rose gold, and black. Sporting its user interface is a 1.2", fully-circular 360x360 OLED screen. Though to be honest, the colors and brightness are not on the same level as Samsung's OLED screens.


The Moto360 supports a lot of smartwatch features like notes, android apps, Google apps. You can also use it as a standalone Media container for all of your photos, videos, and music.


💗Voice-activated messaging                       💔Mediocre Battery life

💗Classic Design

💗Supports wireless charging

💗Has all of the useful smartwatch 

     Features you can get

2. Samsung Gear Sport smartwatch


When it comes to android phones, people immediately think about Samsung — introducing the entry-level smartwatch, the Samsung Gear Sport. Its appearance is not as classy or well thought of to be fair. But once you utilize its fantastic feature, you will be in shock and awe.


When it comes to text messaging abilities, the Galaxy Watch also has a voice-activated feature for instantaneous messaging, although it's no accurate as of the Moto 360. Don't get me wrong, it gets the job done, with a few mishaps here and there, but it is quite annoying, especially if you're in a rush. Maybe that's why Samsung added two other smart features for text messaging. One is a "smart suggestion" feature that utilizes previous data to present you multiple choices of words and keywords that you can tap to add to your message immediately. The other one is a handy keypad that comes pre-built with the Gear Sport that imitates the ones you have on your android phones.


When it comes to fitness features, you'll immediately realize that this smart watch phone is no joke, especially if a smartwatch has the word "sport" on its name. A good fitness tracker with calorie-burning, pedometer, and a heart rate monitor, which are ins sync with the Samsung health app. It also has a native Spotify function for those of you who always have a pre-built playlist for each activity or mood in your Spotify app.


It is also a great outdoor companion, with its built-in GPS tracking and waterproof resistance of up to 50 meters. Though if you're looking for a good smartwatch for texting, you're better off sending messages above sea level.


The overall built quality of the Gear sport is a bit lackluster as some users are reporting that the rotating dial si shaking when they’re doing physical activities. Though no reports of it breaking or the dial falling off.


Overall, the Gear sport is an excellent phone watch for texting; though it's not that accurate, it has a lot of features and fitness-focused apps that can be more beneficial to some people rather than the ease of sending messages through a smartwatch.

💗Has 3 options for texting                    💔Build seems a bit low-quality

💗Great fitness apps

💗Accurate GPS



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3. Apple Watch Series 3

Most Smartwatch manufacturers always think of new ways to brand their commodity and change it looks, not Apple, though. Over the years, the Apple watch has remained the same in the looks department. Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Let's find out


First things first, If you're using an iPhone, then you need to get the apple watch, as it has a ton of features that only iOS devices can employ.


Now, concerning the ability to text, the apple watch has four different ways to do it. First is a voice recording feature that allows you to talk to your smartwatch, and then it converts it to a text. Another method is more of a perk, I would say, rather than a realistic way to communicate. It allows you to send a GIFS portraying the idea of what you're telling them. Smartwatch charades anyone? A third option is a preset list of textbase replies, like the hallmark you get on your smartphones, It includes messages like, "Thank you!", "You're Welcome," "In a meeting." Mostly for people who are in a rush and want to answer quickly with a short message.


The last option though is a smart feature that is unique to this watch; it's a sort of drawing feature that lets you write with your finger the alphabet one by one on the touch screen. It immediately converts into a letter in a matter of milliseconds. Though we thought At this point we'd rather just popout our phone to reply as writing letter one by one is a little bit tedious, even more so when the apple watch has some problems with specific numbers and letters like "1" and "e."


Like most other Apple products, the apple watch is a bit pricey compared to other brands. If you're using an iPhone, this is the best a good smartwatch to get.


💗Trusted Design                                       💔Price Tag

💗A great Display                                       💔Texting features are more of a novelty            

💗Accurate GPS


4. AllCall W1


IP68 rating. The one thing that seals the deal when it comes to a product’s water and dustproof rating. Most flagship smartphones boast of owning this seal. So why not a smartwatch?


The AllCall w1 is a great companion if you're into outdoor sports. The IP68 water-resistant quality assures you the wether you're showering, swimming, or diving; there's no need to take this useful smartwatch off your wrist.


Let’s be honest for a second here, almost every person in the world owns a smartphone, ranging from the cheapest ones to the most absurdly priced phones. The beauty of having a the AllCall waterproof smartwatch is, even if you’re phone has the same IP68 rating, you wouldn’t dare grasp it in your hand and say go snorkeling, right? An issue not present for most water-resistant smartwatches, as it’s firmly attached to your wrist, so you can access the smart features that this bad boy has to offer.


The AllCall w1 has a sharp and vivid AMOLED display that was made by Samsung. It rocks a 1.39” screen with a 400 x 400 screen resolution. Underneath that is a Mediatek MTK6580 Quad-core 1.0 GHz processor. Supporting the chipset is 2gb RAM and 16GB internal storage, specs, which are already found on most low-end smartphones.


The stand-alone smartwatch phone also has a sim card slot on it’s back. Some additional connectivity options are Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0


Some smart features include a heart rate monitor, gyro sensors, GPS, and a built-in speaker, which is respectable enough for its volume.


The main selling point of the AllCall w1 is it’s affordability and premium look. Though we would say that it looks ad feels a bit bulky on the wrist. But if you’re looking for one the best and most affordable android smartwatches. This one is definitely a looker.


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💗Clean Look                                      💔Material quality is on the low-end

💗Very affordable                                                   

💗IP68 ratingAccurate GPS  

💗Customizable UI


5. Dév L2

The Dév L2 is a smartwatch phone that has minimalism and functionality in mind when we designed it. This stylish, capable smartwatch is a personal assistant that you ave been longing for.


This model is presented in 8 different and customizable looks, from a classy metallic gold to the durable white silicon straps, mounted with an elegant yet classic round finish.


Much like the AllCall w1, the Dév L2 takes pride in its IP68 waterproof rating. Making it a classy companion in those moments that being drys is not an option. 


With its minimalist finish, the Dév L2 maintains all the useful apps and smart features. Pairing it with an android phone, and you'll have access to your smartphone notifications and text messaging.


Calculator, alarm clock, calendar, fitness tracking, and music are just some of the features that make up this excellent smartwatch.


We recommend it to all the people who don't want to break the bank when it comes to buying the best Wear OS smartwatch out here. It will help you manage your life, career, and hobbies. The Dév L2 is the epitome of overall value.


💗Best value                                          💔Needs to prove itself in the market

💗Easy pairing                                                   

💗Super lightweight and comfortable 



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Why use a Smartwatch for texting If I have a smartphone?

It has always been a good debate within the community if a smartwatch is something worth investing money into, especially if you already have a smartphone. It's an extra that might set you back by around 100-500 $ depending on what you're going for.


Here at DÉVELÖ, we always make it a habit to keep the interest of our customers in mind when designing a smartwatch, while maintaining the affordability.


Here are some viable reasons for how a great smartwatch could supplement your smartphones.

Better portability than a smartphone


Sure, a smartphone is already a portable device, but imagine a scenario when you're planning to go Mountain biking or driving card activities that are extremely dangerous when you need to look for your phone and look at the big screen. With a good smartwatch, you never have to reach for your pocket or bag to check phone calls and text messages. Gone are the days when GPS navigation takes minutes of your time away because you need to pull out your phone, again and again, to double-check your direction. With a simple twist of your wrist, you'll already have access to multiple information parameters readily available to you.


Health and Fitness Buddy

These devices are not just aids for professional tasks; they can also be your personal health advisor or gym buddy. Most smartwatches nowadays have built-in features like pedometers, which lets you measure the distance and time of you're jogging session or a heart rate monitor to check if your new cardio workout is really doing good for you. All of these great features right there in your wrist.

Ease with tasks


Imagine you’re in a meeting and you suddenly want to check an urgent text message, It’s quite embarrassing to have to take out your attention-grabbing phone in the middle of someone talking right? This can be done quite easily and discreetly with a smartwatch, just take a peek on what missed calls or unread text messages you have, and immediately know if it’s urgent or not.


Need to answer some questions about your clients? Quickly reply to or call them with your phone watch, no need to carry your phone everywhere, as some smartwatches are considered stand-alone smart watch phone, meaning it can have it's own sim card and provide you with essential communication necessities like texting or calling.


In a way, communication is beneficial to our modern lives. It gives us a lot of advantages to be able to talk to anyone anywhere in the world. Smartwatches are aids for these types of tasks. It's only a matter of what extras you want it to come with. As always, Quartz is the past, and smartwatches are the future!

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