The Dz09 Smartwatch Manual PDFs

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The Dz09 Smartwatch Manual PDFs

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Safety Warning The details in this file won't be modifies or extended in accordance with any notice. The watch needs to be charging 2 hours at least prior to use. Security Code The original code is 1122, this code can avoid your watch in use by others without your approval. Please alter the initial code to guarantee your personal info safe. Product information: 2.1 Item details Power button: Power On/Off; Awaken/turn off screen; Back to primary menu. USB port: Charging/Data; Touch screen: each function (primary menu) will be shown and shown on capacitive touch screen. 2.2 Products quick into You can participate in next page by sliding screen to the left, and return to last page by moving screen right; enter into the notice board after moving from up to down.and go back to primary mean from down to up. 2.3 Clock Show Setting method: Technique 1: Power on, when the phone in clock mode, please click middle screen and set different clock interfaces if you like. Technique 2: Power on, Main menu: setting-phone setting-standby menu display-unlock selection, choose the clock mode if you like. 2.4 Item theme setting Setting method: Main menu: Theme setting, select the style if you like.


quick usage 3.1 Download the Sync software. Scan QR code, down load the APP which can match your android phone. This APP only utilize for the Sync between watch and phone, will not take your phone GPRS. If you already download the associated software application, please check the version and use the newest associated software application in order to make sure all function regular use. QR Scanner Activate "Quick Resp" from your smartwatch 3. User the the QR scanner to open the website. Then Open the link. 4. Download and Set Up the BTNotification "Smart Look For Android" Once it's set up, you will find this BTNotification on your smartphone. 3.2 Install and use the Sync software Android Application setup: Please set up the android application in your cell phone. Android application use( currently set up)( Cell phone) Setting-- Accessibility -Participate in Bluetooth notice( service), allowed this service (please choose" sure" when shown a caution notices) the application works on the background automatically and sync function will turn on as below. Turn on your Cell phone and allow Bluetooth. Combine your smartwatch purchase triggering" BTNotification", then Select" Bluetooth pairing" When your smartwatch has actually been combined, you will be ask to sync the smartwatch with your phone.( If the sync message stops working to appear on your smartwatch screen, reboot the smartwatch ). Notification: Click the Bluetooth notices and select the Alert service, select your Personal or System application in Notify application. Telephone service is including SMS, inbound call and look for watch. Please don't shut the Bluetooth alert service when you are Clearing software by background or close background application software application. 3.3 Bluetooth Connection

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and Sync function 3.3.1 From phone to watch Phone setting-turn on the Bluetooth-search for gadgets, please click set gadgets when discovered Smart Watch, and likewise choose "yes" in your smart phone, paired done. Please select "sure" when there is telephone directory request, on the other hand you 'd much better choose" no remind once again", this is convenience when you connect next time( without remind once again). The mobile will show Bluetooth connected done after

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2-5min; the watch will notify you the time of Sync with phone, than the Sync changed on.the message will sync to you see when it inbound to mobile. 3.3.2 From watch to phone BT Dialer on Smart Watch-search brand-new device-found your Smart watch( such as S 9500)- connect. 3.4.6 Remote electronic cameras Use phone video camera take images, but remote by watch, its requirement turn on the electronic camera of phone beforehand. 3.4.7 Anti lost Watch look for phone, or phone seek watch. 3.4.8 Setting Notification: sets clocks display and style in phone setting. In the security Settings, the safe code is 1122. 3.4.9 Pedometer It can be embraced as a tool to avoid insufficient or extreme exercise by measuring calories or calories usage based upon gathered information, such as variety of steps, range, speed, time.etc, to control exercise.

3.4.10 Sleep display Program your sleep quality base upon your bedtime. 3.4.11 Inactive remind You can set a time to remind you up to do some workout, we recommend you this time might be one hours. 3.4.12 Quick reaction It can download sync software application when scan the quick response, if there is a brand-new version requirement to update, please contact with our service, our business will provide anew link for your download.

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3.4.20 Style setting 3.4.21 Cam 3.4.22 Video recorder 3.4.23 Image audience 3.4.24 Video player 3.4.25 Sounder recorder 3.4.26 Phone QQ QQ need your phone has SIM card and can surf the Internet. 3.4.27 Web browser Browser require your phone has SIM card and can surf the Web. 3.4.28 SIM tool 4. Notification 4.1 Complete charge before usage, the charge time require 1-2 hours.

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4.3 Bluetooth will detach when exceed the distances, after turn on the Anti lost, the clever search function can't be use prior to reconnect with Bluetooth. 4.4 Please reconnect with BT if it's detached occasionally (please Handbook link if the Bluetooth detach over 5 minutes). Please concur the phonebook Sync otherwise there is no called phone book.

5. Common difficulty shooting Please refer listed below crucial function for any problems with the watch, if the problem is still unsolved, please contact with our dealer or serviceman designated. 5.1 Unable to change on The time of press the power button too short, please keep it more than 3 seconds. Low power, please charge it.

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5.3 Using time too shoot. Battery is not full, please ensure it is full power( complete charge about 2 hours a minimum of). Throughout using SIM card, the power will be run off quickly if signal is too bad. 5.4 Not able to charge. The battery's life will be reduce after few years, please check if the battery are work.

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