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These 4 smartwatch collections are the pinnacle in modern technology

You lead a lifestyle filled with decisions that tell the world who you are, and where you’re going. Your watch should rise to meet the demands of that lifestyle.

From suiting your unique style, to adding clean, helpful functionality to your day – a Dévelo smartwatch is an intentional timepiece created to make your time easier to manage.

We live in an era of information, and that means having yours handy when you need it. Whether it’s a video review before that crucial meeting, tracking your daily 10,000 steps or staying connected to your friends without having to constantly be on your phone, these smartwatches keep on rising.

Choose the Dévelo that matches your lifestyle


The Casual Collection

The Dévelo range of casual smartwatches were designed for daily wear. Comfortable, customizable and traditionally good looking – this collection keeps you on time every single day.

The Dév C14 smartwatch makes a lasting fashion statement with a large screen for easy viewing. The Dév C14+ is the premium edition of this model, if you prefer a finer finish.


The Classic Collection

Our range of classic smartwatches were designed to fit into a work-orientated lifestyle. Smaller screens and elegant straps define these upmarket models – for the careerist on the rise.

The Dév C3 smartwatch is discreet and customizable. It belongs on the wrists of go-getters who see the value of having technology on their side, without having to boast about it.


The Noble Collection

With the noble range of Dévelo smartwatches, you get the benefit of distinct style without having to wear a large screen on your wrist every day. Noble brings simple back in vogue.

The Dév L2 smartwatch and the Dév X6 smartband are packed with useful features for making your life easier to manage. Best of all, they look like stylish timepieces, not smartwatches.


The Sports Collection

The Dévelo sports collection is hugely popular among gym goers, crossfitters, cyclists and people determined to stay in peak physical condition. It’s an elegant sports watch with better functionality.

The Dév S4 smartwatch comes with customizable straps, faces and colors. It’s waterproof and has more functionality than most fitbits could ever dream of having, with twice the good looks.

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