Noble Collection

The Best Elegant Smartwatch For Movers and Shakers

With the Noble Collection, our designers got together and reworked what it meant to own a smartwatch that had true purpose in the life of the wearer.

People have loved the look and feel of classic timepieces for hundreds of years. The Dévelo team aimed to keep the stylish look of a traditional watch, adding nothing but technology to each piece.

The minimalist Dév L2 model would give the wearer a personal assistant smartwatch brimming with smart features – but sporting an elegant style.

The Dév X6 smartband has the features of a smartwatch, but it looks like a bracelet. The most fashion-forward watch we build, this is for female fashionistas who want style and smarts.

These smartwatches are for movers and shakers. People who love fashion and function – and won’t sacrifice either.

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