-- Dévino Mortez --
-- Richard Norman --

It all started in the year 2014 when an IT engineer met with a watch craftsman in a social gathering event. Then both of them started the conversation casually, eventually got interested about one another's occupation and how it was done.

Instantly, they both had the same vision, to reform the smart watch industry by incorporating fashionable designs to a smart piece. They were aware of the dull variants of the current smart watch industry with the same designs here and there and decided to make a revolutionary change by starting up the company.


Based on research, a smart watch is sold at a markup price or a premium of 10 times higher than its cost to produce. These markups cover the traditional business model costs such as wholesalers, distributors, retailers, marketing and advertising campaigns. The price of a watch increases each time it switches hands from the distributing channel flow. And by the time it gets to the customer, they are paying almost 1,000% more than the cost it took to manufacture a smart watch, which represents a significant leap in cost to sales price.

It's hysterical that customers have to pay a luxurious amount in the retail store just to buy a watch which cost probably less than $70 to make. However, customer ended up paying the extra amounts for something unworthy of that amount charged by the retail stores. 

However, it's different with DÉVELÖ® who doesn't own any physical store. We believe that the power of the internet, power of words and the social media are a sufficient tool for marketing and advertising. Also, global trends for online shopping has shown a humongous growth of approximately $2.5 trillion in 2017 as compared to $1.4 trillion in 2013. Giving the potential of growth for shopping online, the management team decided not to sell the smart watch on retail basis but using online platform.



The designs of the watches were to instil the characteristic or a persona of one by the watch he/she is wearing. 

DÉVELÖ® has introduced 4 different collections:

Classic, an elegant and exquisite look for formal occasions.

Casual, suitable for any informal and relaxed occasions.

Sports, an energetic and athletic look.

Noble, presents a fine personal qualities with high moral principles.



DÉVELÖ® skips wholesalers, distributors, and retailers to offer a luxurious yet fashionable smart watch with the most competitive price possible.




IT Programmers and Engineering Team who are constantly introducing new features and beneficial function which helps refine the quality of living along with a healthy lifestyle. As to date, DÉVELÖ® holds 5 patented design of our smart watch which includes the side insertion slot for a nano sim card.


Marketing Team, responsible on creating the brand, advertising, promoting and publicising on launches of new products and promotion. As to date, DÉVELÖ® has successfully reached towards a few major corporate firm to purchase health gadgets as a form of employee benefits, exclusively from the company. Due to the rapid increase in publicity, DÉVELÖ® has been nominated for the Millennial Technology Prize in year 2016.


Design and Architect Team, persistently updating the outer and inner designs of the smart watch. The truth is, a smart watch with the best features is valueless without an attractive design. Our D&A, are always designing the "outer" (outlook of the smart watch) and the "inner" (the face of the dials) of the smart watch.

You are SAFE with DÉVELÖ

No longer will you have to spend a fortune just to get a smart watch you can be proud of. No longer will you have to worry of scratches while wearing your luxury watch due to the stress and pressure arise from the premium price. Stop worrying on buying a malfunctioned watch from other brands. DÉVELÖ® will remove all your anxiousness away forever!

Lastly, thank you for your unwavering support towards DÉVELÖ® and we are grateful to have you as our customer.

What is more to wait?...