Our Story

About Dévelo the Most Stylish Smartphone Watch Company

In 2014, a master watch maker met an IT engineer and had a conversation. A natural friendship formed, the kind in life that is rare and lasting. It soon became clear that the friends shared common opinions about smartwatches. “Smart for the brand, not so smart for the customer” was the general consensus.

Smartphone companies markup prices to be 10X the cost price! And they all look the same. The pair spent long hours chatting about monopolies, unethical work practices and inflated technology prices. Opportunity knocked. Dévelo was founded shortly after that. A company that would make beautiful, individual smartwatches for the fashion industry.

Today our goal is to provide you with a customer-first, fashion-forward smartwatch brand that isn’t overpriced, or cheap – it’s smart.

Technology shouldn’t exist for technology’s sake. It should exist to help people. A smartwatch shouldn’t be bought for a brand. It should be bought for a purpose.

In 2019 Brian came on board to take Dévelo to new heights. Now, we’re redoubling our sales efforts and extending the brand!

Using word of mouth, social media and influencer marketing, Brian believes the company can challenge current brands and make a place for itself among image-conscious, ethical and ‘woke’ Millennials.

How Dévelo is Different

We bring our customers smart, stylish technology at wholesale prices

  • No physical store to drive up costs
  • No distributors, retailers or expensive marketing teams
  • Direct to customer with no intermediaries
  • A small, innovative design and technology team
  • We file patents and are changing the industry
  • We’re an ethical company that helps people

If you’re tired of supporting large brands who profiteer by exploiting others, we encourage you to look at our products and make a more conscious decision.

Your smartwatch should be a small piece of who you are. It should work for you, and help you achieve your goals. Most of all, it should represent your personal style.

At Dévelo we sell beautiful smartwatches to smart people.

Be smart. Be stylish. Be different.
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