DÉV C14 Smart Watch Charging Cable

DÉV C14 Smart Watch Charging Cable - DÉVELÖ

DÉV C14 Smart Watch Charging Cable

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  • $ 15.00 USD

Basic Information

The Dév C14 smartwatch charging cable is an essential accompaniment to your new C14 smartphone. This charging cable is as smart as the watch!

It connects magnetically to the back of your Dév C14, and can then be plugged into your computer or external charging port. A USB cable makes recharging your smartwatch on the go, easy.

This 60cm long cable has one form-fitting magnetic dock on the end, which snaps to the back of your C14 during use. Just plug the USB side into your charging port and leave it for a while.

In no time at all your smartwatch will be fully charged. Then you just need to remove the magnetic dock from your watch and it’s ready to use.

This cable is especially useful if you carry a portable USB charging station in your bag, on your commute to work, or during travel. If your smartwatch ever runs out of juice, you can quickly and simply recharge it without being near a computer.

The cable is also great to leave at work, so that if your smartwatch every does run low on battery – you can snap the dock to it for a quick charging session.

We recommend getting one for home, and work, or one for your commute so that you always have it at the ready. The Dév C14 smartwatch lasts about 15 days in sleep mode, but this shortens as you use it. If you plan on heavy use, we strongly advise strategically positioning your charging points.

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  • USB cable connects your C14
  • Directly on a magnetic dock
  • To your computer's USB port for efficient charging or any USB wall charger.
  • Highlights: Access to all controls and dock connector, Form-fitting construction.
  • Length: 60 cm