Dév C3 Smart Watch Strap

Dév C3 Smart Watch Strap

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  • $ 34.00 USD

Basic Information

Your new Dév C3 smartwatch can be customized with a wide variety of strap options.

We thought long and hard about the variety of materials, colors and styles to include in our watch strap options. The 5 we chose make it possible to change the look to suit your unique style.

The Milanese Strap

Get a classic and elegant metallic finish with a Milanese strap. It’s comfortable and can be dressed up or down, and comes in 7 different colors ranging from rose gold and blue to silver and black.

The Silicone Sports Strap

Choose a minimalist silicone sports strap if you’re looking for durability and strength. These straps have a pin-and-tuck closure and come in 36 unique colors for the ultimate in personalization.

The NK Silicone Strap

This high quality NK silicone strap is a two-tone variant that pops when you wear it for a truly sporty style. Soft, strong and durable, these straps come in 20 different colors for an edgier look.

The Link Bracelet Strap

The link bracelet strap is a stainless steel alloy that is both scratch and corrosion resistant, for a more formal look. Choose from either metallic black or silver to elevate your Dév C3 look.

The Sports Loop Strap

The sports loop strap is made from a strong Velcro that is comfortable and allows your wrist to breathe. Choose from 8 different strap colors for a casual look and feel.

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Package includes

  • This Strap is solely replaceable and interchangeable with C3 Smart Watch.
  • Strap width: 42mm.